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Delivering Global Trade and Logistics Intelligence . Since 1827 . June 17 , 2024 • Vol 25 • Issue 13
4 Getting out of hand fast By Mark Szakonyi
44 A precarious balance By Lars Jensen
46 When the levy fails By Peter Tirschwell
6 Spotlight 42 By the Numbers 45 Classifieds
ADVERTORIALS 34 Freight Payment
Cover story Locking it down
US rail cargo crime is on the rise as methods gain sophistication
‘ Organized ’ cargo crime
Union Pacific is stepping up security as container thefts spread from LA-LB port
18 Midyear Drayage & Chassis Report A paradox of choice
The rise of private chassis fleets is forcing IEPs and railroads to rethink their operations
Grayed out
Cooperative chassis pools are folding in three US cities amid a loss of business
16 International Maritime Pandemic flashback
Global port congestion is taking out capacity and creating more delays
Moving targets
Energy efficiency and new fuels are the only route to 2030 goals
30 Government Type 86 ’ d
The CBP is curtailing low-value shipment access for multiple customs brokers
32 Surface Transportation Trailering capacity
US LTL providers are adding trucks as they build out terminals
24 Port Productivity : 2023 Rankings India rising
China ’ s ports remain atop performance rankings , while India ’ s are moving higher
Intermodal fireworks
Seattle – Tacoma is seeking more direct vessel-to-rail container moves www . joc . com June 17 , 2024 | Journal of Commerce 3